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Madamn Burnz: on eating fire, finding aerial, and continuing after a spinal injury

Madamn Burnz performs with fire

My human body was given life nearly 30 years ago, bearing the blessing and curse of an unidentifiable medical condition. My bones did not support a dense maturation process, though did extend in length; this condition produced an oddly flexible skeletal frame, and a thick muscle build, especially given my fortunate diet.

March 6, 2014; 12:30 pm ;

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Tips for warming up in winter

A Canadian toque is just one piece of clothing Heather Hammond recommends for aerialists training in the cold

Yup. It’s cold out. As a Canadian, Mama Silks says, “Stop your grumbling, get out your tuque and your down coat and get your behind to class.”
Many of my American students may not understand my "Canadian," so here’s an image of the "tuque" our Canadian athletes will be wearing at the upcoming Sochi Olympics.

January 28, 2014; 2:45 pm ;

Staying Centered and Compact, Dance Belts for the Male Aerialists

The Eurothong by Intymen is a dance belt recommended for male aerialists by Clayton Woodson

Wearing a dance belt is part of the circus experience for the male aerialist. It comes with the package. Yes, it can be uncomfortable, but not wearing one can be extremely painful if not outright dangerous. The discomfort of a wedgie is nothing compared to the eye-watering, stomach-turning pain of getting oneself crushed against, or tied up in, the apparatus.

January 27, 2014; 12:00 pm ;