About Aerial Journal


Aerial Journal is a regularly-updated, online publication for aerial performers, students and instructors. Whether your background is in circus, dance, theatre, gymnastics or none of those things, we hope to have something for you as an aerialist.

Contacting and finding us

We are based in the United States, in Athens, Georgia, but we’re reaching waaaay out there. We could use your help! (See Share with the aerial world below)

What we’re trying to do and why

Despite its growing popularity, it’s tough to be an aerial artist and communicate what we do with the rest of the world. Performers can’t secure funding for their projects the way other artists can, and studios have a difficult time working with insurance companies. This means that aerialists are paid lower than other artists, students are low on places to practice, and resources for instructors and students are scattered and vary in quality. Aerialists even have a hard time communicating with each other—there are so many names for tricks and poses, though a few individuals have attempted and are attempting to codify them.

By creating this space and documenting the interests, concerns, and of course, passions of aerialists, we hope to better establish ourselves as a credible art form and a worthwhile investment.

Share with the aerial world

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The nice part of sharing your passion with us is that you don’t have to travel across the globe to have an impact on many other aerialists at once. So if you have something to share with the aerial community, please email admin@aerialjournal.com.


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Aerial Journal is a self-funded start-up, but we want to grow into something sustainable. If you don’t have the time to contribute content but believe in our endeavor, please consider a donation.