A car wreck and a concussion means Krystyn has to take it slow at NECCA

Wednesday, January 15, 2014; 10:15 am ;

Red house in VermontIt's only natural to have a chaotic week, after my relatively restful week... right? I finally was able to visit my family near Montpelier, Vermont. It was just my luck that I had a car accident on my way there. I was about ten minutes away from their house, coming off interstate 91-North and I hydroplaned into a car parked at the yield. Who parks at a yield! They were a nice couple from Israel and I'm really happy that they aren't injured. I have a mild concussion and stayed the night at my aunt and uncle's house. Aside from the car accident and concussion, it was a nice visit. I wish I lived closer to them, as they are such wonderful people. I feel really fortunate that I have family so close to me. It certainly makes the home sickness less.

Due to my concussion, I took off Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I thought I'd just have to take time off from being in the air, but was really surprised that rapid eye movement from working on a computer or following an instructors movements, could be taxing on a concussed brain. Elsie gave me this little insight and advised me to rest, when I had my meeting with her Tuesday afternoon.  It was actually a really great meeting. I decided to stay for winter session and leave in March or April 2014. I'm feel like I'm learning so much here and really want to stay and continue growing as an aerialist. I've started to look for a new place to live in town. I can't wait to be closer to the school and my friends.