Aerial Journal Student Spotlight: Keyvious Avery

Keyvious Avery performs on fabric at D'AIR in Atlanta

Fifteen-year-old Keyvious Avery began taking aerial classes at age 9, not long after the D'AIR Project opened in Atlanta. He's performed on the static trapeze and the spanish web, but his favorite apparatus by far is the fabrics, or silks... 

Keyvious performed his most recent fabrics piece for us, which we documented in a photo essay. 

November 26, 2013; 7:15 am ;

Aerial Journal Interview: Susan Murphy

Susan Murphy in the dance trapeze in a photo by Martin O'Connor

Susan Murphy's aerial dance career began in Terry Sendgraff's experimental single-point trapeze class in California in 1978. She fell in love with the "dance" trapeze, and wanted some day to have her own studio as peaceful and inviting as that of her mentor. It took more than two decades, but in 2002 Susan and her husband Don Carson opened Canopy Studio, a non-profit aerial arts center in an inexpensive old warehouse in Athens, Georgia. In 2009 Susan and Don retired to Darien, Georgia, where they have built a second, smaller aerial studio, with their home along the edges, enclosing the space. At the Marsh Studio, Susan hosts weekend retreats for aerialists.

November 18, 2013; 11:30 am ;

Aerial Journal Interview: Molly Graves

Molly performs her piece in HerSelf Rising on the cord lisse. Photo by Martin O'Connor.

I hope that my role in this work helps to create a little bit of a place for this, for a woman who can be strong and act strong can even look strong, and still be a woman, and still be feminine.  That there is a place in femininity for muscles. And I don't think that in the past that was true. I think it's becoming more true. 

...And I will say for me, I feel like it's just what I do, I don't go to the gym, I don't lift weights, I lift my own weight, in the air, but this is partially, just the way that my body is made and what I look like. There's very strong women out there who do not necessarily look cut or have muscles that you can see. But I do like the idea that it is OK for a woman to be strong, and to look strong, and that there's a place for that.

November 11, 2013; 11:00 am ;

Aerial Journal Interview: Rain Anya

Rain Anya

It's been an interesting 10 years to be doing aerials because there's been such a shift during that time… I love that I have been able to do so much traveling because I've been able to watch the progression all over the country, and what I see happening in general, is that people are starting to get (into an) existential crisis, a little bit…

When you start aerial you're so excited, and maybe you open a school, and you get to a plateau in your own skill level. A lot of times people get there, especially intermediate/advanced students, and then you're sort of like, "Yeah but, so what if I do learn that next hard trick, like then what? What else is there?"

November 4, 2013; 6:45 am ;