Bettina's #trickoftheday

Hammocks: not just for silks people

Bettina performs the carefree hammock on the dance trapeze

When I heard the name of this pose I understood why I loved it so much - it's the Hammock. Just like being in a real hammock it feels very carefree, like you could be dangling your free foot near a stream in the woods. Unlike a hammock it has a really cool exit (how gracefully can you really get out of a hammock??) - from this position you grab the ropes, do a v-up and the bar naturally unwinds and you're in perfect position for a chalice :-)

December 3, 2013; 4:30 pm ;

Bettina finds a place to Chalice on the dance trapeze

Bettina takes advantage of a place for a Chalice in-between poses

This was an "in between" pose, I had done a V-up from a Surrender and was going into some fun twisty stuff, but I love a good Chalice position so I figured I'd take advantage of where I was to do one. I love it because it looks like I'm just sitting in there, hands and legs free to do whatever they want!

November 19, 2013; 11:30 am ;

An exit from the French seahorse can be its own pose on the dance trapeze

Bettina pauses on the way out of a French seahorse on the dance trapze

Momentary poses are always joyful to me, but they aren't always tricks with names. They come from exploring where other tricks may go - I always imagine the moment someone thought "Ooh, what if I did this?" This pose is one of those - no name here, just a progression somebody found out of a French seahorse :)

November 26, 2013; 5:00 pm ;