Krystyn's Gravity-Defying Aerial Adventures

Silks, trapezes, lyra, even ballet: a full week of aerial training at NECCA (with video!)

Krystyn works on her backbends using a knotted fabric

So many good things this week! Monday kicked it off with a really great inversions class. We worked on different ways to press into a handstand. Some of them were deceptively hard! Megan makes everything look so easy. One day, I'll be able to effortless glide into a handstand. One day...

January 22, 2014; 4:00 pm ;

R&R is as important to aerial training as conditioning

Krystyn's boots in a pile of leaves

I did have an incredible stretching private lesson with Bill Forchion. We spent half of it stretching and half of it strengthening instabilities in my knees and ankles... He pointed out that I am very protective of my heart, when bending back into a backbend.

December 4, 2013; 10:30 am ;

Krystyn reflects on surgery that left her paralyzed at 16

Even though I was born with EDS, I didn't know I had it until I was in my early-teens... I was sixteen when the first surgery was performed. I had a pectoral repair to remove excessive collagen from under my sternum and to repair the outward pidgeoning of my ribcage. They found that the connective tissue surrounding my heart was indeed being stressed. The operation, while a success, left my legs paralyzed.

November 20, 2013; 8:15 am ;

The arm-breaker: new favorite move on the dance trapeze

Krystyn performs the "arm breaker" on the dance trapeze at NECCA

Oh wow, what an exhausting week! Session classes started this week and I am definitely feeling it.

Monday started the fun with my inversions class. I really like our instructor, Megan Gendell. She is really laid back and knows what she is doing.

November 13, 2013; 6:00 am ;

Getting into the swing of things in Brattleboro

A simple swing hangs from a tree outside Krystyn's new home in lush, green Vermont

I survived my first week of circus life! My Residency program started this week and I had my first private lesson in dance trapeze, with Aimee Hancock. She is an amazing instructor and I feel really lucky to be working with her. I definitely thought of Susan this week, while working on dance trapeze. I'm really surprised how much I've fallen in love with the apparatus.

November 6, 2013; 9:00 am ;