Silks, trapezes, lyra, even ballet: a full week of aerial training at NECCA (with video!)

Krystyn works on her backbends using a knotted fabric

So many good things this week! Monday kicked it off with a really great inversions class. We worked on different ways to press into a handstand. Some of them were deceptively hard! Megan makes everything look so easy. One day, I'll be able to effortless glide into a handstand. One day...

January 22, 2014; 4:00 pm ;

Forget Therabands; use tire tubes!

Molly Graves demonstrates how bicycle inner tire tubes can be used in a straddle stretch

When Molly Graves brought out her recycled tire tubes during my first retreat to the Marsh Studio, I knew she was a genius. Not only is this a super-awesome exercise tool, but tire tubes are recycled and free. Good for the environment, good for you! And the tire tubes make a great gift!

December 17, 2013; 1:00 pm ;

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Tips for warming up in winter

A Canadian toque is just one piece of clothing Heather Hammond recommends for aerialists training in the cold

Yup. It’s cold out. As a Canadian, Mama Silks says, “Stop your grumbling, get out your tuque and your down coat and get your behind to class.”
Many of my American students may not understand my "Canadian," so here’s an image of the "tuque" our Canadian athletes will be wearing at the upcoming Sochi Olympics.

January 28, 2014; 2:45 pm ;

R&R is as important to aerial training as conditioning

Krystyn's boots in a pile of leaves

I did have an incredible stretching private lesson with Bill Forchion. We spent half of it stretching and half of it strengthening instabilities in my knees and ankles... He pointed out that I am very protective of my heart, when bending back into a backbend.

December 4, 2013; 10:30 am ;